Amy Morford

Pup Pup Gets Adopted

Pup Pup' s First Play Date is the latest adventure in the unfolding saga of an adorable German Shepherd puppy named Pup Pup, and the loving family that adopted him. Pup Pup has been the top dog and only canine member in his adopted family since the day he arrived. Much like an only child, Pup Pup hasn't had to share his toys or food with a canine brother or sister and he hasn't met up with any neighborhood dogs. But things have a way of changing and the day finally arrives when Pup Pup is introduced to a charming Labrador retriever named Chickie Bunny. That's when Pup's latest adventure begins to unfold. Naturally, Pup Pup jumps for joy at the sight of Chickie Bunny because he's finally snagged a play date with someone who acts and looks a lot like him. She's got a tail just like he does, and she walks on all fours--except that she's a female yellow dog with fur that's the color of the sun. Grab a plate of cookies and settle in and enjoy another heartwarming Pup Pup picture book story. Details: o Ideal reading for children ages 3 to 6 o Beautifully illustrated with eye-catching pictures o Makes the perfect gift for children who love dogs
29 printed pages
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