Daisy Rose

Public Submission 10 – 12

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In this bundle, innocent young women find themselves inadvertently at the mercy of hot alpha males. Passionate, powerful men coax these embarrassed young ladies to surrender everything.

Public Submission 10: Jungle Fever

“What's a sweet little thing like you doing alone in the big, bad jungle? Do you want to get hurt? There're wild animals in here…”

I backed away, certain that this stranger was more dangerous than any wild animal in the jungle. His lean muscles rippled as he moved towards me, danger and masculinity oozing from him.

“You don't belong here,” he growled, closing in, our breaths so close that I could smell the sweat on his body.

His teeth bit into my neck gently, just enough pressure to prove a point, sucking in to leave a mark on my skin.

I knew when I was in trouble when I started moaning.

Public Submission 11: Bosses & Punishments

Gerald Davis is a successful billionaire who, for all intents and purposes, runs a successful, multi-million-dollar business. The alpha male is rich, powerful, and sexy beyond reason.

At least that's what the public knows. What most people don't know, is that he is absolutely insane.

«You know the rules, intern.”

I stare at him and begin to question all my life choices that brought me to his office.

Public Submission 12: Shattered Innocence

Pampered, sheltered, and innocent, Anna never thought she would be kneeling before her new employer, much less agreeing to do the loathsome things he was suggesting.

Darius thinks her a challenge, someone he can claim, conquer, and ruin — body and soul.

“What would you like to do first: The room, or me?”

“What makes you think I'm going to do anything you say?”

“You will.”

These three steamy standalone short stories feature unapologetic alpha Doms showing young submissives their rightful place.
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