Murat Ukray

The Last Prophecy

Do the number Pi (π) contain everything within?

Such as your date of birth, your date of death, even the date of the Doomsday. Well, what if someone knew that a long time ago and coded it somewhere?

Could someone else have discovered America in the Middle Ages before Columbus? Well, what if this mysterious person is really a great Oracle who has to hide his talent, and what if his purpose of going there is not to discover a new continent, but to solve one of the world's greatest secrets, the Secret of a Mayan prophetic calendar that explains when the Doomsday in a Mayan pyramid is coming?

The Mayans actually calculated the date of the Doomsday as Baktun and they encoded it into a giant calendar. Well, what did that actually mean? 13 Baktun was actually a giant code in which the Mayans, who were also adept at mathematics, placed the true date of the Doomsday into the number Pi (π), and it indicated a date that was not 2012 but further. Did the Mayans come up with this information themselves, or did they get it from a lost civilization far more advanced than themselves, called Atlantis?

Oracle Bruno realized at the end of his 22 years of work that all this could not be a coincidence, and it was all about to fall into place. “It's all over, we can't go back now, it's too late!" he said to himself and removed the sarcophagus lid of the temple and placed the last of the three large stone disks in place. Now everything was ready, he was about to find out which date actually 13th Baktun coincide with that is the biggest secret of human history hidden in the Mayan Calendar, which is impossible to solve, by calculating the hidden code in the number of Pi:

           13th Baktun: 13,3333 × 366,6666 (day) = 4903rd code

                      The 4903rd number of the Pi number

                           Coincide with the year 2222.

* * *

In 1500, on a dark night in a farmhouse near Granada in Southern Spain, a gray-colored 1-meter extraterrestrial creature who called himself 'Alien' in his notes; stood in front of the door with two letters containing a series of prophecies about the future of the world and a mysterious map with a place marked on it, and with a huge picture that consisted of 100 scrambled numbers of some cryptic complex numbers and writing of future dates; and he was staring at Bruno with his big black eyes.

In fact, this number picture, which is a giant 'Anagram', was a small piece of a giant spiral that began with 3.14… and extending to infinity, in which the histories of all the past and future events in the world were encoded. Alien suddenly threw the things in his hand towards him and began to run rapidly through the cornfield towards the lights descending from the sky 1 km away. As he began to run, the flying object began to quickly descend from the sky and disappeared into the darkness. Bruno first glanced toward the direction of the alien and went with fearful eyes, he had neither seen nor heard anything like this in his entire life, except in the stories of Satan and Jinn, told by people in the Church. He was frozen with fear, he wanted to follow him in that direction, but he didn't dare. He then reached out to the papers on the ground and slowly picked them up from where the alien had left them.

These two prophetic letters that Oracle Bruno received that night, and a map that shows the location of a mysterious ‘Mayan calendar' in a temple in the middle of a great continent marked with “America” in Latin-like language, across Spain, and with “Atlantis” written in the middle, would in fact be the beginning of a struggle between God and Satan, which began with the expulsion of mankind from Heaven, and continuing until the Doomsday. So that, Bruno would realize before it was too late that this bloody struggle, which would cost him and all his loved ones lives, was in fact the beginning of a great prophecy that concerned not only him but the end of all mankind.

The chain of events that began in medieval Spain with a dramatic and bitter life and death struggle in the Inquisition led Bruno and his sister Sofia on a dangerous and long journey from Andalusia to a Mayan temple in Mexico, the center of the Mayan civilization, and it would eventually end with their execution. But the Great Prophecy that was announced would bring an end not only for the church or for them, but also the whole world this time. Because The Last Prophecy was leading humanity to the end of its story, the Doomsday, which started with the expulsion from Heaven.


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