Travis Nevels

Methadone in the Mirror

“Methadone Treatment the Hidden Truth” was written by an active Substance Abuse Counselor working in a methadone clinic. You'll learn how methadone treatment is supposed to work, and why many patients stumble and relapse along the way. Most statistics show that very few patients actually complete treatment and go on to live long term sober lives. Why is that? This book will address the reasons for treatment failure. The hype, the myths, and the word on the street regarding methadone treatment is usually based on misinformation. This book however was written for opiate dependent individuals and their families, and comes from the unique vantage point of a methadone clinic insider. Patients often see what they want to see and often become frustrated. They do not have the benefit of seeing methadone treatment from a bird's eye view, which point's to patterns of failure. There are numerous cases presented in this book which will help any methadone patient have a better understanding of what it takes to become sober, avoid relapse, and make it through to long term sobriety and the opportunity to live a meaningful productive life. With this short read, you will learn things that most patients, nurses, counselors, and even doctors don't know about methadone treatment.
59 printed pages


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