The Seri Indians. (1898 N 17 / 1895-1896 (pages 1-344*))

In this work W J McGee sheds light on one of the least-studied tribes of North America, The Seri Indians. This is a unique tribe in habits, customs, and language, living in Tiburon Island in Gulf of California and a small adjacent area on the mainland of Sonora (Mexico). McGee covers everything about the tribe from their habitat, history, features, language, characters, and their place in society.

Excerpt from the book

“The Seri men and women are of splendid physique; they have fine chests, with slender but sinewy limbs, though the hands and especially the feet are large; their heads, while small in relation to stature, approach the average in size; the hair is luxuriant and coarse, ranging from typical black to tawny in color, and is worn long. They are notably vigorous in movement, erect in carriage, and remarkable for fleetness and endurance.”
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