Paolini Herdley

Inside the Mind of a Physician

The commoditizing of physicians and their work frequently causes a dehumanization of the doctor and the doctor/patient relationship, not to mention the connections between physicians and other staff. Due to the training, practice culture, constraints, liabilities, and pressures placed on physicians today, they often cannot practice the kind of personalized, relationship-enhancing medicine that would benefit both patient and caregiver.

In Inside the Mind of the Physician, Dr. Herdley Paolini reveals the inner world of physicians and helps us understand them, how to relate to them, and how to best support them in their critical role in healthcare. Her insights will be of great value to everyone from hospital administrators and clinical staff, to insurance providers, government agencies, and anyone who interacts with physicians.

Dr. Paolini is uniquely qualified to write this monograph based on her extensive experience. Dr. Paolini established the first hospital-based clinical counseling practice for physicians in the country and served as Director of Physician Support Services at AdventHealth. Physician Support Services is a complementary service designed to support and provide whole person care to physicians and their families. This care involves specialized spiritual, emotional and professional resources aimed at maximizing the personal and professional well-being of physicians and their families.

Based on her long-term experience with physicians Dr. Paolini has come to know them well — inside and outside of treatment. She uses this knowledge to help us see physicians as human (not superhuman) beings uniquely called to practice the art of medicine.

The AdventHealth Healthcare & Leadership Monograph Series is an innovative teaching and learning tool from the largest admitting hospital in America. Ideal for healthcare professionals, leadership innovators, researchers, teachers, students, and other pioneering professionals-each volume provides focused, relevant training for individuals and organizations with break-through thinking on a wide variety of healthcare and leadership topics.

The monograph series includes a number of unique features that make them:
Authoritative — All monographs are written by leading experts in their field and peer reviewed for publication.Practical — With an emphasis on outcomes, each monograph moves beyond theory to focus on providing useful solutions professionals can put into practice right away and experience results.Concise — Each volume covers its topic succinctly-usually in 75 pages or less. Brief, but never shallow, they are perfect for busy professionals seeking fresh insights in under two hours.Holistic — Monographs seek to cover each topic from a Whole Person Health perspective. That is, recognition that health, healing and personal growth occur best in an environment where mind, body and spirit are nurtured.
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