Winston Churchill

The Second World War

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In this book The Second World War, an abridgement by Denis Kelly, of the of the
following volumes composed by Sir Winston Churchill:

The Gathering Storm
(1919–May 10, 1940)
Their Finest Hour (1940)
The Grand Alliance
The Hinge of Fate (1942–July 1943)
Closing the Ring (July 1943–June
6, 1944)
Triumph and Tragedy (June 6, 1944–July 25, 1945)

From the origins of the conflict, the rise of Hitler and thefutile attempts at appeasement, through the darkest days of Britain's lonestand against the Axis powers, the great alliances with the USA and SovietRussia and the triumphs of D Day and the eventual liberation of Europe to theterrible birth of the Cold War under the shadow of nuclear weaponry, this isWinston Churchill's landmark history of World War II. At once a personalaccount and a majesterial history, TheSecond World War remains Churchill's literary masterpiece.
About the AuthorSir Winston Churchill (1874–1965) was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on two occasions, from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951–1955. Celebrated as one of the greatest wartime leaders of the 20th Century, he was also a gifted orator, statesman and historian. He was awarded the Novel Prize for Literature in 1953.
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