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Shiva Shadakshara Stotra

This hymn has six shlokas praising the glory of the lord Shiva and his six syllable mantra. The six syllable mantra is the famous five syllable mantra preceded by Om
The Vedas say that the mantra is the body of the deity. By worshiping the deity through the mantra you attain the deity.
There is no difference between the mantra and the deity worshiped through it.
The starting letters of each shloka when arranged horizontally the mantra Om namah shivāya is revealed.
Each shloka has many occurrences of the syllable which is praised through the shloka.
The hymn is very popularly recited by worshippers of shiva both regularly and in special occasions
This book is an effort to explain the meaning of the hymn in detail based on the Vedas puranas and other sacred scriptures
17 printed pages
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Koushik K
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