Christine A. Watson,Donal Murphy-Bokern,Frederick L. Stoddard

Legumes in Cropping Systems

Based on contributions from members of the Legumes Future research consortium and complemented by articles from other research teams, this book provides a comprehensive overview of knowledge relevant to developing legume-supported cropping systems in Europe. It reflects the growing interest in using legumes to improve cropping and the current debate over the imbalance in European systems where the low use of legumes has caused concern in the agricultural policy community. This book supports informed debate and decision-making that addresses the associated challenges.
Legumes in Cropping Systems presents current knowledge on this subject across 15 coordinated chapters. Each chapter addresses a specific aspect of legume cropping and provides insight into the relevant literature to help support understanding and explore the underlying processes that influence cropping system development. This book includes coverage of:
· the role of legumes in cropping systems;
· the role of legumes in European protein supplies;
· environmental effects of grain and forage legumes;
· current status of the major grain and forage legume crops;
· economic effects; and · policy development.
Written by an international team of expert authors and presented in full-colour throughout, this book is an invaluable resource for researchers in agronomy and crop sciences, agricultural professionals, policy makers, and students.
519 printed pages
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