Fouad Sabry

Autonomous Robotics

What Is Autonomous Robotics

An autonomous robot is a robot that conducts behaviors or performs tasks autonomously (without external influence). Autonomous robotics is commonly regarded as a branch of artificial intelligence, robotics, and information engineering.

How You Will Benefit

— Answering the public top questions about autonomous robotics.
— Real world examples for the usage of robots in many industries and corporations.
— 17 appendices to explain, briefly, 266 emerging technology in each industry to have 360-degree full understanding of robotics' technologies.
— Insights, and validations about the following topics:

Chapter 1: Autonomous Robot
Chapter 2: Behavior-Based Robotics
Chapter 3: Robot Learning
Chapter 4: Cloud Robotics
Chapter 5: Ubiquitous Robot
Chapter 6: Swarm Robotics
Chapter 7: Fog robotics
Chapter 8: Robotic Sensing
Chapter 9: Robotic sensors
Chapter 10: Robot navigation
Chapter 11: Simultaneous localization and mapping
Chapter 12: Teleoperation
Chapter 13: Telerobotics
Chapter 14: Bio-inspired robotics
Chapter 15: Biorobotics
Chapter 16: Cognitive robotics
Chapter 17: Developmental robotics
Chapter 18: Domestic robot
Chapter 19: Evolutionary robotics
Chapter 20: Humanoid robot
Chapter 21: Microbotics
Chapter 22: Robotics
Chapter 23: Industrial robot
Chapter 24: PatrolBot
Chapter 25: Amazon Scout
Chapter 26: RoboBee
Chapter 27: Robomow
Chapter 28: Wake-up robot problem
Chapter 29: Kidnapped robot problem
Chapter 30: Three Laws of Robotics

Who This Book Is For

Professionals, undergraduate and graduate students, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and those who want to go beyond basic knowledge or information for any kind of robot.
308 printed pages
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