Alexander Mascavage,Eunice Beauchman

The Romulus Chronicles

Game of Thrones meets Hannibal Lecter

Mary is given by her depraved husband as satanic sacrifice. She is saved by an ancient werewolf who has a mystical connection to Mary herself. Once he turns her, she becomes the thing to be afraid of in the dark.

The werewolf has stalked this demon since antiquity. And Mary discovers that she has always been a part of the hunt.

Mary's Tale evokes power, passion and pain as the reader witnesses the dual realities of the werewolf. It illuminates the path that led to her destiny. It discloses her mate's struggles through time, describing his accursed history leading to their reunion.

Mary's narration thrusts the reader into an arcane world beginning in ancient Rome and powering through to the current day. Over the millennia the werewolf 's obsession has remained the same: eliminate the demon that cursed him and avenge his wife's murder.

Just how far will the lupines go to end a merciless evil that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time?
305 printed pages
Original publication



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