Derek O'Neill


How do you create happiness in your life? Is it something you’re constantly chasing? Do you assume other people are happier than you?

It’s time to turn the idea of happiness on its head and break free of the unattainable idea that life should be absolute bliss! Derek O’Neill’s HAPPINESS: You Must Be Effin' Jokin'! opens the door to a new way of thinking about the ups and downs of life. This innovative piece, part of the GET A GRIP series, explores the misconceptions we have about happiness, takes an honest look at the reality that there will always be balance in life, and investigates the role of desire – one of the primary roadblocks to happiness.

Our happiness comes and goes; that’s just how it is. We can learn to stay in happiness longer, and to understand the difference between immediate, fleeting pleasure and long-term joy. Once you redefine happiness, and accept its transient nature, you will know how to manifest it in a way that truly changes your life.
25 printed pages
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