David Hodgson

The Buzz - New Edition

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If you are considering higher education or wondering what future career would suit you The Buzz is packed with techniques and advice to point you in the right direction. By blending NLP and personality type theory, David Hodgson helps people understand themselves, how they learn and what motivates them in order to discover their potential and what they really want from life. The brain is an amazing thing. It is the most complicated known thing in the universe. Sometimes it helps make us believe we can do amazing things – great inventions, acts of incredible bravery – when we are at our best. It is better to understand how our brain works and control it for the life we really want, rather than stick to habits that hinder us. Most people use about 10 per cent of their potential. With The Buzz, you can access the other 90 per cent. How much of it do you dare use? The Buzz has been developed with and used by thousands of young people. It works. They have been surprised at how easy it can be to start living a great life, discover new strengths and skills, dream dreams, plan to make them happen and enjoy feeling great while moving in a positive direction that feels right. We can build a great life around our strengths, the things we enjoy and are good at. The Buzz also shows us simple ways in which we can alter our behaviour to succeed in the different situations and challenges we face. Young people consistently say they want the same three things from life; to be happy, confident and successful. The Buzz shows everyone how to achieve all of these through a fantastic and illuminating journey of self-discovery. Complex theories and approaches are clearly presented in an easy to understand form. David Hodgson presents a unique and highly effective method of realising potential and making the best choices for you. Advice includes tips on: how to get out of an argument, choosing presents for people, the power of laughter, talking to people you fancy, improving your sports performance, how to relax and reduce stress, building self-esteem, employability skills, learning and thinking better, choosing a course or career and understanding your personality. Original ISBN 9781904424819
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