Callie Shell

Hope, Never Fear

An up-close-and-personal collection of photographs following Barack and Michelle Obama on their presidential journey. 
Award-winning photographer Callie Shell presents a firsthand collection of portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama depicting the guiding principles that defined their time in the White House. While documenting the journey from the Obama’s family home in Chicago to the most powerful house in the United States, Shell and the Obamas became fast friends, swapping stories about their families and sharing tips about coping with life on the road.
Hope, Never Fear features over 100 compelling photographs from behind the scenes, including many previously unpublished, that give viewers a glimpse into the happiness, the stress, the triumphs, the pressures, and everything in between. Each photograph is paired with insightful quotes from Michelle and Barack that reveal their warmth, compassion, and unending commitment to service. In addition, Shell offers an in-depth introduction plus notes drawn from the diaries she kept during her time with the Obamas. Ultimately, it makes foran affecting, profoundly personal insight into an extraordinary couple who energized and empowered millions of people around the world.
Praise for Hope, Never Fear
“[Shell’s] photos display the raw emotions and intimate moments the entire family endured during his hard-fought campaign. Shell weaves in insightful quotes from Barack and Michelle that reveal their commitment to fighting for the country and uniting the American people.” —Business Insider
“[Shell] was able to document the incredible relationship between all members of the Obama family. We see Michelle Obama and their children as they fully support Barack’s dreams, while also maintaining their own sense of normalcy. Living in a time when politics has clearly divided the nation, Hope, Never Fear is a reminder of a different time filled with the promise of change.” —My Modern Met
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