Dominique Paige

Cuckolded and Humiliated

Jorah and Elise are a royal couple and the rightful heirs to the throne. Their lives are turned around when they find out that if they can’t produce a child to carry on the family name by the time the current King dies, they will lose all claim to the throne and their freedom. After trying for years to get Elise pregnant, Jorah is forced to allow someone else to impregnate her.

Join Jorah and Elise as they both have to dress up in commoners clothing and visit the local tavern, where Elise's offer to have sex is quickly taken up by multiple people and she is used in every way right then and there while Jorah watches.

Elise does things Jorah didn't even know she was able to as she takes on anyone and everyone who wants to join in!
12 printed pages
Original publication
25 Ea

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