Joshua Greene

Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy

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<!-- <description> -->This book provides a systematic approach to analyzing macroeconomic developments, focusing on macroeconomic accounts, analysis, and the effects of selected policies on a nation's economy. The first part of the book describes the data, accounts, and analysis of the four main macroeconomic sectors — real, external, fiscal, and monetary — and discusses the accounting and economic relations among these sectors, using a flow of funds approach. Key indicators are presented for each sector and used to show how macroeconomic developments can be assessed and problems identified.
The second part of the book discusses fiscal, monetary, and exchange rate policy and their economic implications. These policies, along with selected structural reforms, are compared along several dimensions and shown how they can be used, in various combinations or individually, to address a variety of macroeconomic difficulties.
<!-- </description> -->Contents: PrefaceMacroeconomic Accounts and Analysis:Introduction to Macroeconomic Accounts, Analysis, and Related Policy IssuesReal Sector Accounts and AnalysisExternal Sector Accounts and AnalysisFiscal Sector Accounts and AnalysisMonetary Sector Accounts and AnalysisInterrelations among Macroeconomic Sectors and the Flow of FundsMacroeconomic Policies and Their Application:Fiscal PolicyMonetary PolicyExchange Rate PolicyUsing Macroeconomic and Structural Policies to Attain Macroeconomic Objectives<!-- </contents> -->
<!-- <readership> -->Readership: Students, researchers and academics studying or teaching macroeconomics.<!-- </readership> -->
Keywords:Macroeconomics;Macroeconomic Data;Macroeconomic Policy;Macroeconomic Objectives;Macroeconomic Accounts;Macroeconomic and Structural PoliciesReview:Key Features:Unique treatment of the subject: focus on accounts, indicators, and data, rather than theory. The only similar book is about 20 years oldThe information presented enables readers to identify important developments and problems in national economies, without the need to make economic forecasts. This distinguishes this book from books on financial programmingThe coverage of macroeconomic policies allows readers to suggest ways of responding to macroeconomic developments and difficulties through combinations of fiscal, monetary, exchange rate, and structural economic policies
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