Ronnie Israel

Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes


Do you own an electric pressure cooker?
You can now prepare quick and great- tasting meals in a jiffy and your friends and family will love you more for it!  Using a pressure cooker is simpler than you think. It is fast, convenient and versatile.  You can prepare almost any recipe from pork meals to soups, stews, rice, potato, chicken, beef, desserts and lots more
This book was written for those who desire to make home cooked meals in spite of their busy schedules. This book will teach you how to make lots of mouth-watering recipes that can be made in just a couple of minutes.
Inside it, there is a variety of meals to choose from. You will no longer have dull cooking moments when you try the recipes in this book.  And  it will surprise you to realize that none of it is going to be difficult!
Here Is A Peek To What Is Inside:
Shrimp Chicken Jambalaya
Orange Roughy With Black Olive Sauce
Low Town Shrimp Boil
Orange Zest Cornmeal Cake
Pearl Tapioca Pudding
German Pork Chops & Sauerkraut
Flavorful Pork Roast
North African Lamb Tajine
These Over100 Recipes Are Categorized Under:
Pork Recipes
Chicken Recipes
Turkey Recipes
Beef Recipes
Meat Recipes
Fish & Seafood Recipes
Stews And Chowders
Rice & Risotta
Beans Recipes
Potato Recipes
And lots more
You Do Not Have To Be A Great Chef To Cook Mouth- Watering Meals With Your Pressure Cooker.
So Get Started!  Download your copy today!

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