Workin' It, RuPaul

Workin' It

152 printed pages
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Workin’ It!, the new book from world-renowned recording artist, television host, and drag queen RuPaul, provides helpful and provocative tips on fashion, beauty, style, and confidence for girls and boys, both straight and gay—and everyone in between! No one knows more about life, self-expression, and style than the host of the hit LOGO series “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and Workin’ It! picks up right where the show leaves off. More than just a style guide, Workin’ It! is a navigation system through the bumpy road of life. Let RuPaul teach you the tried, tested, and found-true techniques that will propel you from background player to shining star!
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Natasha Dronova
Natasha Dronovashared an impression2 years ago
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Книга Ру–пока что самое честное и вдохновляющее, доброе и сочувствующее руководство к действию для вечного аутсайдера, которое мне попадалось. ❤️

Michell Valenzuela
Michell Valenzuelahas quoted6 months ago
“You’re born naked and the rest is drag”
Isabelrochabcnhas quotedlast year
There is freedom outside the box.
Natasha Dronova
Natasha Dronovahas quoted2 years ago
Drag isn’t just a man wearing false eyelashes and a pussycat wig. Drag isn’t just a woman with a pair of glued-on sideburns and an Elvis jumpsuit. Drag is everything. I don’t differentiate drag from dressing up or dressing down. Whatever you put on after you get out of the shower is your drag.
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