Deb Lilith

Chakras for Beginners – A Complete Guide to Chakra Healing

Have you been trying to find your center?

Have you been struggling to feel “normal”, like something has been off? Do you want to better understand what chakras are?

If this sounds like you — then keep on reading!

Chakras are a point that exists between the non-physical and physical realms of the human body. The energy that gets exchanged in the chakras is the energy of the life force. This is the reason we study chakras and need to know how they work. If your chakras are blocked, this means you can't function properly either physically, psychologically, or mentally. When your chakras are blocked, there isn't any energy exchange, and this isn't good. Think about it like a car's exhaust system. If the exhaust is blocked, the car is going to choke out and stall.

Everybody has chakras and these chakras can easily get blocked or out of balance. Life causes stress, and that how that stress affects your body will also affect your chakras.

It doesn't mean that you are doing anything wrong if your chakras do wind up blocked, but you have to take the time to clear them and get them working properly again.

You will learn things like:

·        What the chakras in your body are, and what they mean for you.
·        How you can best keep your chakras balanced so that you continue to function properly.
·        The most common risks to opening your chakras too fast
·        Mistakes that a lot of people will often make when it comes to opening their chakras
·        How opening the third eye differs from the other chakras, and the benefits the practice can bring.
·        The best techniques to use to heal your chakras, and how to get started.
·        Common problems that could be slowing down your process
·        An introduction to practices like meditation, reiki, and energy healing methods.

… And much more.

Learning about your chakras and how to heal them is not as complicated as it may seem. Simple things like meditation can help heal your chakras. That's what this book is here to help you do. You will learn all about chakras, what they do, and how to heal them.

Deciding to heal your chakras is a great step towards healing yourself and feeling the best you have ever felt. Don't wait any longer.

Choose to NOW to make this change in your life. Scroll up right now and click the “buy now” button.

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