John Meyer

Time Of Destruction

Arthur Helman, an egomaniac businessman, is founder and majority stockholder of Lunarcom, the world's largest electric power company. Lunarcom's source of electric power is space solar power satellites in geosynchronous Earth orbit.

Lunarcom's biggest competitor, Hydroteck, is about to test an innovative power production device called an IPT ( interdimentional Power Transmitter ). The IPT transmits power from the newly discovered Interdimension.

Helman believes that the success of Hydrotck's IPT will ruin his company by providing energy at almost zero cost. He is afraid that he will lose the wealth and power that he has built over a lifetime.

Helman built his company to its present state using a stolen 'time travel device.' The device gives him absolute freedom of movement in time and space. He used the device to achieve the power he now has; he believes that he must use it again to hold onto that power.

At 1:17 PM, CST on July 26, 2085, an unexpected explosive energy strikes the Earth. Billions of people are killed, and only a few Earth cities escape the massive destruction.

Caroline Frazier, plant manager for a Helium-three (He3) fusion electric plant in Houston, Texas, becomes a leader that helps guide the way for the devastated world to recover from the disaster.

Austin Johnson and Jerry Sheryl, two Hydroteck engineers, working on the IPT Project, become entrapped in a time paradox, moving in time between 2085 and 2245. Their lives become entangled with Caroline and with Arthur Helman, as they search on the Earth, the Moon and on the L-4 Space colony, for the cause of the catastrophe, for a key to prevent the 'Time Of Destruction,' and for a way to save the billions that died during that 'Time of Destruction.'
445 printed pages


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