Downsizing Your Home with Style, Lauri Ward
Lauri Ward

Downsizing Your Home with Style

230 printed pages
When you're moving a lifetime's accumulation of belongings from a larger home into a jewel box, the task can seem overwhelming—and so can your emotions. How do you decide what to pack and what to part with? How can you use the things you have so that they function well and look right?
Downsizing Your Home with Style answers these questions and more. Learn how to:

Create more storage

Make your stuff look smaller and your space look bigger

Update and modernize your favorite old pieces

Multipurpose your rooms and furniture

Find a new home for the stuff you no longer need
From the initial evaluation of your new home to one year after you have settled in, interior designer Lauri Ward takes you through every step with detailed tips, lists of good buys, tricks of the trade, photographs, and anecdotal examples, so that achieving spectacular results is simple and affordable, whatever your style or budget.
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