Clara Jonsson

The Valley of the Wild Horses

«Spirit in the glass, are you familiar with that?” asked the man whose name she still didn’t know. He didn’t wait for her response, but kept talking to her.
“This is a Ouija board. Of the more advanced kind. Let’s not waste any time. It’s almost midnight, and it is at this hour that the spirits are most eager … ”

She nodded mutely and sank down next to the board. All of the letters of the alphabet were represented, written inside of circles. But there were also other symbols. A tied, gagged woman. A woman on all fours. A couple doing the 69. A whip. A woman tied down onto a unicorn. Along with other graphics that almost made her blush. Her?! She instantly felt like a prudish schoolgirl out on her first date.

This book contains explicit language.
12 printed pages


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