Carole Vandersteeg

Love over Lust

We fall in love. We make a lifetime commitment. We work through life's ups and downs. But how do we cope with the discovery that our mate has lost his/her soul to the consuming power of multiple addictions? When an addictive personality lusts for sex, power, money or an exaggerated sense of importance, how do we win him/her back?

Love Over Lust is a true story. The stage is set as Mike decides to re-involve himself with his addictive chemical of choice: alcohol. Mike and Karen are going through a stressful period in their lives. Mike's addictive personality is activated as he progresses from social drinking to daily drinking to out-of-control behaviors, beginning with pornography and escalating into a costly relationship with a nude dancer.

The seductive nature of sexual lust nearly destroyed their 14-year marriage. As Mike's secrets are uncovered, Love Over Lust tells the story of Karen Valiant's mission to understand and overcome the chaotic events in their lives. She shares her shattered spirit with you and her prescription for healing:

… Healing begins with a recovery commitment of the couple.
… Time is the great healer.
… Love is the miracle.

Karen has added an Epilogue to this story, re-visiting the world of Karen and Mike, twenty years later, when addictions have been challenged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their growth and success will offer hope to all of us affected by addictions.
122 printed pages
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