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break your glass slippers

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«more forgetting time.
more midnight dances with yourself

amanda lovelace, the bestselling & award-winning author of the “women are some kind of magic” poetry series, presents a new companion series, “you are your own fairy tale” the first installment, break your glass slippers, is about overcoming those who don’t see your worth, even if that person is sometimes yourself. in the epic tale of your life, you are the most important character while everyone is but a forgotten footnote. even the prince.
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    Isabel Jazmín Angelesshared an impression3 years ago
    💞Loved Up

    Poemas acerca del amor propio y cómo debería estar antes que el amor romántico.

    b3767210291shared an impression3 months ago
    👍Worth reading
    🔮Hidden Depths

    b7891437274shared an impression2 years ago
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    💞Loved Up


    b3767210291has quoted3 months ago
    you’re a fucking treasure
    b3767210291has quoted3 months ago
    doesn’t mean there’s
    something wrong with you.
    it doesn’t mean there’s
    something wrong with them.
    some kinds of magic
    just don’t call to each other
    b3767210291has quoted3 months ago
    it’s okay if someone doesn’t like you.

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