Paul Mansell

Marvin Has Lost His Way

Marvin, a three-year old golden retriever, lived in a San Francisco with his family, the Simms. There was James, the father, Carol, the mother, and Cathy, their daughter and Marvin's best friend.
Marvin was a friendly gentle dog who always spent his days by Cathy's side. Everywhere that Cathy went, Marvin went along too. Cathy picked him out at the animal shelter and raised him from a pup. She fed him, groomed him, bathed him, and walked him on the beach. After school, Marvin would go shopping with Cathy. For two years, Cathy and Marvin did everything together. But now, Cathy has grown up and gone off to college, leaving Marvin behind. Now that she is gone, Marvin is lonely and sleeps most of the day in his doghouse.
18 printed pages
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