Marie Skilling

The Bitch Pad

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The Bitch Pad book is a deep dive for readers to delve into their Brave, Intuitive, Tenacious, Creative Hearts. In an age of positive thinking, Marie takes it a step further to keep the positivity grounded in reality rather than up in the clouds. She holds the space for you to connect with your brave heart to empower you to take the lead towards the life you seek.
Marie faces you with all that has been getting in your way to help you step into a more empowered future. Her use of this opening quote from Yung Pueblo says it all: They asked her, 'how did you free yourself?' She answered, 'by embracing my own power.'
Marie gifts her readers the opportunity to embrace their own power by leaning bravely into their authentic self through guided meditations, coaching tools and self-enquiry journalling. By sharing her stories, she relates to her readers in a heartfelt and empowering way by leading them back to their authentic selves.
The Bitch Pad provides an opportunity to do a personal deep dive which culminates in seven days of powerful daily journalling at the end of each chapter. Marie knows all too well how avoiding past pains can impact health and wellbeing, how focusing energy on what you want rather than what you don't want accelerates flow, and how learning to say 'no' to what doesn't serve you is an act of self-love rather than selfishness.
The Bitch Pad book will support you to get down and dirty with your truths, by giving them the space they deserve to get them out of your way. Marie will help you to take charge and empower your Brave, Intuitive, Tenacious, Creative Heart to lead your way to all that you seek.
The Bitch Pad book rises heads and shoulders above the rest in its ability to connect with the core of who you are, by empowering self-leadership and the strength for you to stand by and speak up for all that you are. The perfect no nonsense compassionate self-help tool.
Dive in and dig deep with Marie to develop the life you want for you. And when you enjoy all that you read you'll be dying to listen to The Bitch Pad podcast on iTunes, Spotify or her website: where she shares more of her for you, provides meditations for life and invites exciting and interesting guests to join her.
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