Jesse Wilson


Mythology is wrong. Everything anyone knows is an elaborate lie.

The war against the Titans required more than just the power of the Gods. Zeus could not beat the Titans on their own, so he created a weapon: twelve weapons known as Yokaiju. Weapons that worked flawlessly to defeat the primordial powers. But to do so, they needed to be alive.

Once victory was secure, the weapons decided they didn't need to serve anyone and turned against their creators. In a last ditch effort, Zeus has the Opticon created using the powers of all the gods on the final battlefield. He uses it to steal their souls and secure victory at the highest cost imaginable.

Eons later, the Yokaiju's souls are somehow released back into the modern world, and they want nothing but revenge. Zeus obtains the Opticon and chooses a champion. Samantha Waters. A convict and unlikely warrior, she is the last human with divine blood on earth, in the battle against nearly unstoppable power.

Now, the Opticon, with a will of its own, and a human who's never done anything for anyone, must work together against Yokaiju, Gods and other cosmic forces in a last ditch effort to save all creation — or die trying.
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