Gladness Katega

Queen Unleased


This book “Queen Unleashed” is designed to release your inner Queen that lives inside of you that may be hidden away from limitation, negative experiences and life challenges and trauma such as domestic abuse. The book is created to help women discover their full potential and worth as God's precious creation breaking away from common society misconceptions of the identity of women.

The book is written based on a true story of a broken woman that rediscovered herself rising from pain into her purpose despite life's challenges after undergoing the loss of a child and divorce. The book is written to showcase the strength of a woman once she has known the truth about her value and worth and is equipped with the right information to help her concur her pain and overcome life's challenges.

“Queen Unleashed” will show you how to become a courageous woman who takes deliberate action to empower herself to achieve her goals. It will enable you to become a woman who is certain about her wants and has clarity about the direction she wants her life to take, it will show you the importance of understanding your life's purpose.
36 printed pages
Original publication



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