Cera D. Colby

The Alpha's a Bitch

The Alpha Princess, Ryder, is back with a vengeance. If you like your women dark, dangerous and alpha, this action packed shifter romance 3 boxed set is for you. Paranormal romance, werewolves, action, suspense and betrayal, you'll find it all in here and more.

Loyal. Guardian. Warrior.
Kahn, more comfortable in wolf form than human, is a powerful warrior and head guard assigned as bodyguard and spy to one of the main rulers of the Wolf Consulship.

Prince. Scapegoat. Confused.

Take a look back in time to earlier years in the pack's history to find out more about Frost and how it came to be that Frost and Stephanie met in the first place.

Calculating. Cunning. Ambitious.

Ryder, is back with a vengeance — scheming her way into things she is not yet ready for. Find out more about her behind the scenes strategies in the pages of this book.

This is a paranormal romance that follows the complicated relationship between a pair of shape-shifting twins and their werewolf pack. Between gang wars, ravenous werewolf packs, the death of an Alpha, a bloodthirsty family of wolves, and Frost's battle with his inner wolf, all the odds are stacked against Frost and the human, Stephanie.

But he will do anything to be with her… even if it means turning against his family and sacrificing everything.

This boxed set contains all 3 novels of The Alpha's a Bitch Series. This Paranormal Werewolf Romance series contains some violence and sexual situations and strong female lead characters. Recommended for ages eighteen and up.


The Alpha's a Bitch: Rise Of The Pack Princess Book 1
The Alpha's a Bitch: Rise Of The Pack Princess Book 2
The Alpha's a Bitch: Rise Of The Pack Princess Book 3
158 printed pages
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