Michael R. Barnard


1915. The most fascinating year in the history of the United States of America.
The United States of America faced incomprehensible horror one day shortly after the turn of the century. Shock. Destruction. Death. War loomed.
At the same time, amazing technology in communication, commerce, industry, and travel was blossoming fast.
Americans veer toward vision, faith, diversity, and rebuilding, or toward anger, hate, bigotry, greed, and fear.
“Can life in America ever be great again?” Some say yes, others say no. Decent people fight for the betterment of society, while demagogues exploit the worst human emotions in pursuit of power and greed.
Nate starts his career in early 1915. Leaving his home in Baltimore, Maryland, he becomes manager of The Zone in the exciting Panama Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco, California.
There, criminals frame him for their theft of gold coins from the Expo.
Nate flees the criminals and the corrupt police.
Kelly flees the people who murdered her mother.
They run into each other in a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where their lives become entangled with each other and with the horrible realities of hatred and evil.
Nate and Kelly discover, as everyone does eventually, that the meaning of life is all about starting over.
182 printed pages
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