Nicole Wilson,Katharine E. Alter

Botulinum Toxin Dosing Manual

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Configured for quick point-of-care consult, Botulinum Toxin Dosing Manual is the must-have resource for practitioners and trainees at any level. This practical compendium provides comprehensive information on applications and dosing guidelines for all four FDA-approved toxins, and also includes agency-approved indications and ranges for Canada, the UK, and selected EU countries.

Detailed botulinum toxin (or neurotoxin) (BoNT) dosage information is presented in an easy-to-navigate table format. The tables are organized by clinical indication along with each agency-approved dosage where available and the published dosage ranges per treatment session and per structure injected. Covering applications for neurological, urological, neurosecretory, and pain conditions with side-by-side product dosing comparisons, the guide allows clinicians to quickly calculate the dosage of a given BoNT product for a particular indication and/or structure and choose the best option for treatment. Anatomical illustrations are provided at the end of the book to enhance the localization of muscles and other target structures during the injection planning process. This handy manual is indispensable for new injectors and experienced clinicians alike, who need to stay current with the ever-expanding indications and dosage recommendations to create effective treatment plans for their patients.

Key Features:

Up-to-date guidelines and dosage ranges for FDA-approved botulinum toxins and applications for adults and children; includes agency-approved ranges for Canada, the UK, and EU
Current information on published dosage ranges from studies for FDA-approved botulinum toxins fit for adults and children for most clinical applications
Information organized in user-friendly table format to speed dosage calculation for clinicians treating patients with BoNT
Published dosing recommendations for a wide variety of indications by muscle or group, dilution, injection sites, and more
Anatomic drawings illustrate muscle relationships and insertion points
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256 printed pages
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