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The Small Plates of Nephi

In 1820, God and Jesus Christ appeared to 14 year-old Joseph Smith and told him that other messengers would assist him to restore God’s true church upon the earth. On September 22, 1827, a resurrected being, named Moroni, directed Joseph to a depository in a nearby hill, which contained the history of a vast civilization that flourished on the American Continent 1,400 years previous. Part of that record became known as ‘The Small Plates of Nephi’, which is dramatized in this book.
This book is not fiction.  The story line is simple.  In the year 600 BC, during the first year of the reign of King Zedekiah, Jerusalem was a wicked city that rejected the prophets God sent to call the people to repentance.
One of those prophets was Lehi.  One day Jesus Christ commanded Lehi to immediately gather his family and depart into the wilderness that very night, which they did.  The reason was because Lehi’s life was in danger and God had other plans for Lehi.  Eight years later, Jesus Christ further commanded Nephi, the fourth son of Lehi, to build a ship, with the help of his brothers, to cross the might ocean and come to what is now North America, to begin a new civilization.
At that time, Jesus Christ had not yet been born in the flesh, which was yet to occur  some 600 years later.   Nevertheless, Jesus Christ, in his pre-mortal and spirit form, as we were also before we were born into mortality, was nevertheless the God Jehovah, of the Old Testament, and thus the chosen project superintendent of this world, under the direction of and with the power of God the Father.
It was Jesus who had created this world for the habitation of mankind, and it was Jesus Christ who called and directed all the prophets, in order to lead the people who would believe in the path of righteousness, salvation and exaltation.
Nephi recorded the events of this journey and the revelation, miracles and blessings that occurred along the way, as a testament of God for the benefit of mankind. Joseph Smith translated and published that book in 1830 and named it the ‘Book of Mormon’, in honor of the last Prophet who concluded that record circa 400 AD.
This book is the big-screen adaption of the first portion of the Book of Mormon.  It features the Old Testament events and prophesies that portended the exodus to America, including the accounts of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and particularly Joseph who was sold into Egypt, which combine with scores of paintings and photographs to convince the world as to the wisdom, designs and the love of God.
Christ knew some would embrace the truth without hesitation and others would have doubt and even opposition.  Hence, this book, in its simplest and most condensed form, which the Holy Ghost will bear witness of as to its veracity and also the reality of the organized church, which Jesus Christ also established to exalt mankind.
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