Deborah Ramos

Vegan Ketogenic Recipes

Have you ever desired a diet plan that will help you lose the unwanted weight? Would you like to lose fat quickly and safely and still maintain optimal health? Ketogenic diet is one of the best health promotion diets in the world and can be a great option for vegans. You will be empowered to know what to eat as a vegan to stay in ketosis. Though ketogenic meals are rich with animal fats and protein, vegan versions are free of these elements. There are many easy-to –cook keto meal options you can choose from and enjoy at the comfort of your home every day and night.
This book is your all-in-one resource for vegan ketogenic diet which will help you experience one of the best in the world for losing fat fast. Welcome on your ketogenic journey.
This Vegan Ketogenic Diet covers your breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts with healthy recipes that fit well vegan lifestyle.
It is a complete guide for your vegan ketogenic cooking experience.
74 printed pages
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