Peter James

Beyond Andromeda

Jordan is awoken one night with a distinct feeling to venture outside. Unbeknown to him his younger sister follows him. They are confronted with a spacecraft and realise they are holding a conversation telepathically. Thy learn later that this friendly craft comes from the Star System Andromeda.

Their interest is piqued when they are taken on a journey to outer space. Jordan is captivated as he observes dark spots over the planet and becomes aware of the ever-increasing problem of pollution. He grasps the challenge that his mission in this life is to turn this problem around.

Melissa becomes painfully aware of the desperate plight of self-destruction of the human species. She is able to read the energy fields of humanity and what she sees brings her to tears. Her mission becomes clear.

Their continual encounter with their friends from Andromeda attracts the interest of other authorities who make it their business prevent further contacts. Roadblocks emerge and our 2 heroes are faced with some chilling challenges.
308 printed pages
Original publication



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