The Book of Shhh, Lauren Oliver
Lauren Oliver

The Book of Shhh

43 printed pages
A perfect companion to Lauren Oliver’s bestselling Delirium trilogy, The Book of Shhh expands on excerpts included in the original series. Lauren Oliver delves deeper into the world created in the Delirium trilogy and provides fans with an in-depth look at the terrifying society that her characters live in. This free novella includes case studies, exercises, invocations, quotes, proverbs, and detailed information on amor deliria nervosa.
The Book of Shhh, or the Safety, Health, and Happiness Handbook, describes the perils of amor deliria nervosa. In today’s society, thanks to the cure and its enforcement, our citizens are more productive and committed to their jobs, political organizations, and social impact than ever before. The following excerpts are meant to give portability to a small portion of its materials so that elements of its wisdom may be available for reference on the go.
Do not rely on the following excerpts to diagnose, treat, or address evidence of amor deliria nervosa. Should you believe that you or someone in your family might be infected, call the National Health Services hotline immediately, or seek the care of a professional physician at once.
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Mizzhas quoted2 years ago
One side effect of deliria is a repetitive cycle of damaging, angry, or negative thoughts commonly known as jealousy. Often this is expressed as one patient’s irrational fear of “losing” a partner, whom the patient comes to believe he/she possesses.
Fernandahas quoted4 years ago
We term sexual or overly affectionate feelings between same-sex individuals unnatural, since they fly in the face of reproductive and procreative purposes.
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