Peter Kropotkin

The Place of Anarchism in Socialistic Evolution / An Address Delivered in Paris

36 printed pages
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  • haterid3rhas quoted6 years ago
    No society is free so long as the individual is not so! Do not seek to modify society by imposing upon it an authority which shall make everything right; if you do, you will fail as popes and emperors have failed. Modify society so that your fellows may not be any longer your enemies by the force of circumstances: abolish the conditions which allow some to monopolise the fruit of the labour of others; and instead of attempting to construct society from top to bottom, or from the centre to the circumference, let it develop itself freely from the simple to the composite, by the free union of free groups. This course, which is so much obstructed at present, is the true forward march of society: do not seek to hinder it, do not turn your back on progress, but march along with it!
  • haterid3rhas quoted6 years ago
    Men are to be moralised only by placing them in a position which shall contribute to develop in them those habits which are social, and to weaken those which are not so. A morality which has become instinctive is the true morality, the only morality which endures while religions and systems of philosophy pass away.
  • haterid3rhas quoted6 years ago
    The origin of the wealth of the rich is your misery. Let there be no poor, then we shall have no millionaires

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