Gail's First Anal Experience, Clara Cummings
Clara Cummings

Gail's First Anal Experience

13 printed pages
A woman finds out the joys of anal sex as she helps a young man play out his fantasy of fucking an older woman’s ass.

Excerpt: Gail teased him by slowly hitching her skirt up so that the hem was at the top of her thighs. She stroked her hand over her ass. “Should I pull the skirt higher?” she asked.

Darren just nodded again and could feel his cock harden in his pants as he watched Gail raise her skirt inch by inch to finally reveal her silky cami-knickers.

She smiled at Darren as she stroked her fingers over her panties. “You like?” Gail asked.

“Oh fuck yes,” he answered.

Gail kept her skirt held high and walked across to Darren. She turned around when she reached him and slowly sat down on his lap, feeling her excitement rise at the hard cock that pressed against her ass.

“Oh Darren,” she said. “Is my sexy little ass turning you on?” Gail didn’t wait for an answer. She wriggled her hips to stroke her ass against the hard cock and heard Darren moan
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