I. Mayputz

Pharmacy College

This book is about a slightly fictionalized account of my life in pharmacy college, inspired by actual events. Embellishments of strange happenings were unnecessary because human foibles ran rampant. However, all names and places have been changed so as not to embarrass the guilty, inept and downright scurvy. The stories are retold in a series of vignettes which best captured my mood at the time. Science, pharmacy, medicine, and professionalism were crammed daily into our skulls while many friends at other colleges were being spoon-fed dubious liberal bullshit. Those often bewildering and crazy college daze were difficult and unrelenting. The hazy nites, however, were often a welcome respite for the wickedly inclined. But if you persevered, had a sense of humor, inhaled and imbibed regularly, you would someday be a pharmacist. Was all the stress and aggravation worth it? Was getting a high-paying job right out of college worth it? Was getting HIGH worth it? I think so, but I’m not completely sure. Nevertheless, I would definitely have done it all over again, even if just to meet that special hottie blondie, my future wife!
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