Dejah Rice

He Rules the Streets She Rules His Heart

Braelyn Townsend is a twenty-four-year-old Graphic Designer for her dad’s business. She seems to have her head on straight and knows exactly what she wants out of life. That is until she finds out her mother is sick and has to drop everything to go be with her. Braelyn struggles at first with being in a different state, but that doesn’t last long thanks to a pretty persistent new guy. His vibe is off to her for some reason and she can’t seem to figure out why. She tries to keep her distance, but eventually, he manages to win her over anyway. Just as she’s starting to fall for this new guy, she finds out a secret so big that all she wants to do is leave the state because if she doesn’t, she just may kill him.
Augustus Brown is a twenty-four-year-old street boss. He’s all about stacking his money and staying out of the way. He has a troubled past and he tries his best to forget it. The only thing is the person he works the closest with is a daily reminder of his past. His past haunts him so bad that the only thing he can do to keep his mind off of it is to focus on his money. That is until he meets Braelyn. Braelyn is a whole new distraction that he never knew he needed. He hasn’t felt so connected and drawn to anyone in years. Little does he know, the reason he feels so connected to her is her connection to his past, and their connection just may be deadly.
Can Augustus and Braelyn’s love for one another surpass Augustus’s big secret? Or is his secret so big that it awakens the savage within her?
107 printed pages
Original publication



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