Ethnic Conflicts Causes and International Community Biases, Kelly Ngyah
Kelly Ngyah

Ethnic Conflicts Causes and International Community Biases

43 printed pages
The necessity for dynamic and interwoven approaches into foreign government interests has becomes a prerequisite option to get the actual insight roots of ethnic conflicts. Major phenomenal issues such as greed and the desire for discriminatory economic and political power may interfere and manipulate communities into struggles over values which promote conflicts.
As such, Dr. NGYAH examines such links while uprooting facts from primordialist, institutionalist, political entrepreneurship and scarcity of resources as significant ethnic conflicts causal elements.
In so doing, he probes in another debate question for researchers in the field, saying ‘the causal dynamics of an ethnic conflict needs to be sorted in [its gain searcher-roots undercover actors]’.
Also, with help of a diagram flow and exemplary cases, he further explains how the international community, including major foreign government bodies could be involved in fueling up ethnic conflict strives.
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