Elizabeth Gaskell

A Dark Night's Work

  • shroukdannyhas quoted3 years ago
    that a certain sum should be paid down by Mr. Wilkins to be applied, under the management of trustees, to the improvement of the Bromley estate, out of the profits of which, or other sources in the elder Mr. Corbet’s hands, a heavy rate of interest should be paid on this advance, which would secure an income to the young couple immediately, and considerably increase the value of the estate upon which Ellinor’s settlement was to be made.
  • shroukdannyhas quoted3 years ago
    Ellinor was engaged to the son of a man of large property
  • shroukdannyhas quoted3 years ago
    that it was a degradation to the family just going to ally themselves with a peer of James the First’s creation; that of course Ralph must do what he liked, but that if he married this girl he must never expect to have her received by the Corbets of Corbet Hall as a daughter
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