B Freund

Foundations of Conscious Foraging

Foraging is the practice of seeking, recognising and gathering wild edible, useful plants in their natural, or semi wild, habitat.
For some people foraging is simply a means to an ends — free food from the hedges and woodlands. For others foraging, becomes something more, a lifestyle, a way to connect.

In this book, designed for beginners and those already practicing, we don't just explore the plants, but begin to consider the context and even ethics of responsible foraging. How can we forage in a respectful and responsible way while still meeting our needs?

In this book we explore
⦁   developing a mindset to approach foraging
⦁   Guidelines for safe, responsible foraging
⦁   Ethical considerations vs supermarket mentality
⦁   principles
⦁   Exercises to help on your foraging journey
⦁   and of course we consider common foragable plants, including colour photos and descriptions.

Are you interested in learning foraging from the roots? Here's a Foundation Guide to get you started.
65 printed pages
Original publication
B Freund



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