Stephen Jones,Nick Cain

Behind the Rose

A complete history of the England rugby union team—told by the players themselves: “Superb.” —ESPN Scrum
Based on a combination of painstaking research into the early years of the England team and exclusive interviews with a vast array of Test match stars from before World War II to the present day, this book delves into the very heart of the English international rugby union experience, painting a unique and utterly compelling picture of the game in the only words that can truly do so: the players’ own.
This is the definitive story of English Test match rugby—a story etched in blood, sweat and tears; a story of great joy and heartbreaking sorrow; a story of sacrifice, agony, endeavor, and triumph. Behind the Rose lifts the lid on what it is to play for England: the trials and tribulations behind the scenes, the glory, the drama and the honor on the field, and the tales of friendship and humor off it.
Absorbing and illuminating, this is a must-have for all supporters who have ever dreamed of walking the hallowed corridors of Twickenham as a Test match player, preparing themselves for battle in the changing rooms and then marching out to that field of dreams with the deafening roar of the crowd in their ears and the red rose emblazoned on their chest.
“A historical treasure trove.” —The Guardian
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