Amanda Prowse

A Christmas Wish

A special Christmas short story, from the million-copy bestseller Amanda Prowse.
Amanda Prowse is the author of The Coordinates Of Loss and the no.1 bestsellers Perfect Daughter, My Husband's Wife and What Have I Done?
Poppy is trying to make sure her children have the perfect Christmas. The fields are sparkling with snow, the turkey is roasting, and the tree is groaning with presents. But Poppy's beloved husband is fighting in Afghanistan, and the kids are missing their Dad.
Can all their wishes come true without him? Or will they have the perfect Christmas after all?
This is a wonderful, warm festive treat from a bestselling author.
Reviews for Amanda Prowse:
'If you love Jojo Moyes and Freya North, you'll love this. There's no shortage of books with Christmas in the title, but this family-focused story stands out from the rest' CLOSER.
'A lively romance with emotional depth' MY WEEKLY.
'A heartwarming novel to read in the run-up to Christmas — hot, balmy beaches to herald the festive season on one side of the world, and light dustings of snow on the other side' TRIPFICTION.
'A sweet, humorous snapshot of a romance… will elicit a sigh and a smile' NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS.
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