Jonie L Lax

Ryken Augmented

Metis is gone. As the victor of the infamous Excessum tournament, the nation of Laevus is soon to feel his wrath. But that will come with time. A land to practice on would be useful too. Fortunately, the kingdom of Amica is only a short walk away.
Back in Centrum City, things are forever different. With Samané’s ryken heritage discovered, he must now cope with the intense racism that results. This means going toe to toe with ryken hunters, while simultaneously trying to rally and lead a team of his own ryken friends. It’s time for Samané to finally do something about the human’s oppression in Laevus.
Meanwhile, Callisto combats the human’s oppression his way. The right way. But misfortune doesn’t discriminate and Callisto falls on hard times. Only through his remarkable willpower is he able to rise and overcome. Unfortunately, a mission causes Callisto’s rise to land him in the heart of Amica Kingdom, where a certain childhood friend is causing a commotion.
288 printed pages
Original publication



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