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Helenita Rodrigues Da Silva

Brazilian consumer and the purchase of green or ecological products

The decade of the 1980s was marked by a new lifestyle of the Brazilian consumer. Their consuming attitude shifted to environmental preservation. In this period, the concept of “green consumerism” or “ecological consumerism” is born, which means that the consumer started seeking not only quality and price in products, but the environment-friendly option in the decision-making process, giving preference to products that do not harm the environment. They monitor the process from the production, going through distribution and consumption, until the final disposal.

The environmental issues have been the object of apprehension and investigation for researchers studying the behavior of the modern consumer. The publication of a book relating themes, such as environmental concern, consumer affection, subjective norms and behavioral pattern of eco-friendly product purchase in Brazil, is a progress in the state of art of the research in this field.

The idea behind this book is to explore precisely these themes' intersection, presenting objectively the main concepts of environmental consumerism as a social, economic, political and market trend.
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