O.S.B.,Anscar J. Chupungco

Handbook for Liturgical Studies, Volume V

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The final volume in the Handbook for Liturgical Studies series, Volume V: Liturgical Time and Space contains the concluding material for an integral study of the liturgy. It opens with a preliminary notion of time and space, before discussing in detail three types of liturgical celebrations on which time and space have a direct and particular bearing. The first of these is the Liturgy of the Hours. This topic is developed in the light of the early Christian tradition until the fourth century and its subsequent forms in both East and West. The second is the Liturgical Year, traditionally called the anni circulas. The development of the Liturgical Year during the first four centuries is reviewed. This is followed by adetaled study of the Byzantine, Roman, and non-Roman Western tradition. It concludes with the theology and spirituality of the Liturgical Year wherein the mystery of Christ as a saving event is made present in time, so that the faithful may lay hold of it through the Word and the sacraments. The theology of liturgical space is drawn from the mutual interaction between the assembled community, which gives meaning to the place of assembly, and the place itself, which upholds and signifies community.
Articles and their contributors in Part I: Liturgy of the Hours are Liturgy of the Hours in the First Four Centuries," by Ruben Leikam, OSB; “Liturgy of the Hours in the East,” by Robert Taft, SJ; “Liturgy of the Hours in the Roman Rite,” by Ruben Leikam, OSB; “Liturgy of the Hours in the Non-Roman West,” by Ruben Leikam, OSB; and “Theology of the Liturgy of the Hours,” by Robert Taft, SJ
Articles and their contributors in Part II: The Liturgical Year are “The Liturgical Year in the East,” by Matias Auge, CMF; “The Liturgical Year in the East,” by Elena Velkova Velkovska; “The Liturgical Year in the Roman Rite,” by Matias Auge, CMF; “The Liturgical Year in the Non-Roman West,” by Gabriel Ramis; “The Cult of Mary in East and West,” by Ignacio Calabuig, OSM; “The Cult of Saints in East and West,” by Philippe Rouillard, OSB; and “Theology of the Liturgical Year,” by Matias Auge, CMF
Articles and their contributors in Part III:Liturgical Space are “Dedication of the Church in East and West,” by Ignacio Calabuig, OSM; “Liturgical Architecture in East and West,” by Crispino Valenziano; and “Theology of Liturgical Space,” by Cettina Militello.
Anscar J. Chupungco, OSB, is the director of the Paul VI Institute of Liturgy in the Philippines and professor of liturgical inculturation at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute in Rome. Among his publications are Liturgies of the Future: The Process and Methods of Inculturation andLiturgical Inculturation: Sacraments, Religiosity, and Catechesis, published by The Liturgical Press.
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