TJ, Boris Beedle
Boris Beedle


406 printed pages
A dynamic mash-up between memoir and novel, Boris Beedle’s “TJ”

is intense, overwhelming, scandalous, and many may even think, controversial. But for those who are looking for a great read with dozens of meaty conversation starters, then “TJ” is for you. When sexy actor TJ Hartwell decides to reach out to his estranged father, after an

absence of 25 years, he’s not sure whether he will show up at the luxury hotel room TJ has booked for their meeting. But he does. And the remainder of the night becomes much more than your typical reunion as the men not only try to get to know each other, filling in the holes of history from their 25

years apart, but there are also flashbacks to other characters who are integral to each man’s story: the cynical Hollywood legend, the smart mouth assistant,the abusive mother, the selfish sister, the needy best friend. Yup, they all play a role in TJ. TJ is tasty, touching, exceptional and fast-moving. It’s about how we as a society parent our children; it’s about love, sex, marriage, divorce and about the distorted celebrity culture we live in. It will force you to examine your relationships with everyone in your life; and ask you to consider what we should expect from love and marriage. There are also several twists and stunning surprises but there will be no spoilers here. If you want a great book club recommendation, or maybe a book to share among your own family, this is as good a choice as you’ll find to spark conversations no matter how they end.
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