Ailsa Frank

Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing

‘Cut the Crap and Feel AMAZING’ by author, Ailsa Frank will help people get into the AMAZING zone and rise above negative thinking and dramas. The techniques described in this book will help you to make changes to cut the crap from each area of your life – work, money, debt, wealth, relationships, love, parenting, addictions, heartache, bereavement, health, stress and mundane, everyday irritations. “The way you live your life is based on a series of habits and established patterns. By replacing old habits with new ones, you can change your life for the better,” says Ailsa Frank. Ailsa, who is also an experienced hypnotherapist provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to take control of your life and ensure that it follows a more positive direction – the direction in which you want it to go. From the moment you start reading this book you will begin to change the way you think as the creative techniques will free your mind from negative rigid thoughts patterns. The book has been developed to ensure you gain an ‘I can do it’ attitude and then apply the tools to each area of your life. Included are inspiring case studies and anecdotes which will help you understand how you too can change your life for the better. Ten years ago when Ailsa started working in therapy she found few people would admit to being stressed but in recent years she finds most people openly talk about stress and how it impacts on their lives. “With the recent recession and people living more pressurised lives I know it’s the right time for this book to give them a bit of support to get themselves back into the positive again” says Ailsa. She combines her techniques and extensive experience with clients mixed with common sense to teach you how to help yourself. This book is about letting go of the negative and getting into the AMAZING zone, learning to manage your life better and sorting through the things you need to change.
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