Tether: Diatraecus, Phete McBawltalms
Phete McBawltalms

Tether: Diatraecus

“Intellectual cyberpunk without the physical wiring.” «DIATRǼCUS” is the first book of the TETHER trilogy-dealing with a fractal-attributed, yet fully realized and resolved, narrative. «DIATRǼCUS” is about self-assertion of identity, as well as the values of integrity, devotion, loyalty, betrayal, and love-mixed with the underlying forces of agenda, 'truth,' and perspective. The novel combines multiple fictional and non-fictional genres, into what some now call “trans-humanism.” This sci-fi/fantasy (cyberpunk) novel might best be described as Isaac Asimov meets J.R.R. Tolkien meets C.S. Lewis meets Ayn Rand meets William Gibson-on steroids. It comprises multiple sub-narratives folded into a matrixed super narrative, with plots and actions and characters and agendas threaded throughout. Or, in a word, «DIATRǼCUS” is simply: 'transcendent.'
582 printed pages
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